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FMD Alert Management especifically
for Marketing Authorization Holders

This NMVS Alerts Product Line is especially designed for the requirements of Marketing Authorization Holders (MAH).

The application provides all involved parties the functionality to collaborate and create the maximum transparency on all FMD alerts. 

In addition to the status and activities on a specific alert, further information like documents and images can be attached by any stakeholder in the resolving process to efficiently manage alerts!


Functional Overview / Benefits

See an overview of the functional scope of NMVS Alerts - Product Line MAH below:


- available


- not available

Easy FMD Alert Management

Professional Female

Reduce effort and cost using powerful and optimized functional scope

3 Users Included

Startup Development Team

Alert Management package includes
named user licenses 

Auditable Action Log

File Folders

All activities on single alert level are documented in an auditible form


Reading Glasses

Special user type for
quality assurance and observations

Affordable all-inclusive Package

Pile of Coins

Inexpensive all-inclusive package 

Available in 16 Countries


This product line is available for MAHs
in at least 16 European countries

User-Defined Filter

Wireless Computer Accessories

Personal search filter criteria can be
stored on user level

Professional User Support

Call Center Employee

Questions and problems will be solved
by our professional hotline team

Optimized System Setup

Call Center

Setup of your personal system environment can be done within 2 business days

Integrated Reporting

Financial Report

Analyse all relevant statistics with the integrated reporting component


Golden Padlock

High level security authentification
via second factor (email) 

Included IQE


A test and quality environment is already included in the yearly mainenance fee 


First Impressions

Here you get a first overview of the main user interfaces of the application. 
To enlarge the images, please click on the relevant screenshots.

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