- The NMVO Frontend

- The NMVO Frontend

The data source of the NMVO Frontend are the alert information from the National Medicines Verification Systems (NMVS) sent to the NMVO.

Today this data transfer is executed on base of alert emails which are grabbed and inserted into the database and collaboration platform of NMVS Alerts. If needed, the connection to our system via interfaces will be provided in future.

Standard benefits:

Automatic alert integration

Premium Features:

Consolidated view on all country alerts

Significant effort reduction in resolving process

Flexible onboarding of affiliated system users

Intelligent filter and sort functionality

Free usage for affiliated system users

High transparency on all activities

Country-specific analytics functionality

Pre-defined exception handling

The NMVS Alerts Platform  gives all involved parties the functionality to collaborate and create the maximum transparency on all FMD alerts. In addition to status and activities on a specific alert, further information like documents and images can be attached by the stakeholders in the resolving process to make the alert handling efficient!

First Impressions

Here you get a first overview of the main user interfaces of the application. 
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