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As a result of the EU FMD regulation, various alerts are created due to the detection of falsified packs or due to procedural or technical errors. The management of these FMD alerts in high numbers is a significant challenge for NMVOs, OBPs, MAHs, NCAs and End Users. 


Designed as a collaboration platform for all involved FMD stakeholders, NMVS Alerts supports the necessary escalation and alert investigation procedures.  In addition to the alerts database, stakeholders can ask for and exchange helpful information such as documents, photos or remarks. Log information is tracked through the entire alert investigation process using NMVS Alerts whilst the End User stays anonymous towards MAHs and OBPs. 

Therefore, NMVS Alerts is the perfect platform to optimize alert handling and monitoring processes.

NMVS Alerts is a very easy to use and cost efficient, web-based application.



The NMVS Alerts portal offers the functionality to collaborate and create maximum transparency on all FMD alerts. In addition to status and activities on a specific alert, further information like documents and images can be attached by the stakeholders throughout the investigation process to make alert handling efficient for all stakeholders involved!

We ensure that the End User stays anonymous towards MAHs and OBPs throughout the entire process.  

All shown stakeholders below are part of the alert investigation process.

Key Benefits

In order to best cover the numerous requirements of our customers, we have designed NMVS Alerts with
the following main benefits in mind:

Alert Management

NMVS Alerts is a very powerful application which manages a high number of FMD Alerts in a very efficient way. The multi-user platform consolidates all alerts in one place and offers user-friendly filtering and sorting functionality.  A popular feature used by NMVOs and OBPs/MAHs is Batch Level Resolution – resolving alerts on a batch level enables significant effort and cost reduction for every stakeholder!

Proof of Action

All actions which are performed within NMVS Alerts during the resolution process of an alert are logged in the system, providing an audit trail for all stakeholders. This detailed information provides transparency for all investigation process participants. This Action Log can be used as a proof of action for National Medicines Verification Organisations (NMVOs) and National Competent Authorities (NCA). 

Collaboration Platform

Our application provides a platform to interact very easily with all participants of the FMD alert investigation process. All stakeholder communication can be take place directly in NMVS Alerts without the need to employ additional communication methods. Documents and photos can be attached to an alert and exchanged between the stakeholders.


Integrated reporting functionality via Microsoft Power BI helps you to easily analyse and document your individual alert situation. All time periods can be defined by the user for each report and reporting results are exportable as a basis for further analysis.


- Product Lines

To support the specific requirements of the main stakeholders: NMVOs and OBPs/MAHs, we provide the following two Product Lines of NMVS Alerts. Each product line offers efficient IT solutions which focus on effort reduction and cost savings. 

To see more details, please click on the relevant product line below.

for National Medicines
Verification Organisation

Product Line NMVO


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