Alert Management for OBP / MAH

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This NMVS Alerts Product Line is especially designed for the requirements of Onboarding Partners (OBP) and Marketing Authorization Holders (MAH).

The application provides all involved parties the functionality to collaborate and create the maximum transparency on all FMD alerts. 

In addition to status and activities on a specific alert, further information like documents and images can be attached by the stakeholders in the resolving process to make the alert handling efficient!


Functional Overview / Benefits


See an overview of the functional scope of NMVS Alerts - Product Line INDUSTRY below:

Automatic alert integration
Intelligent filter and sorting functionalities
Documentation of all activities
Storable user filter settings
EMVO AMS Hub Connection
Significant effort reduction
Significant cost savings by effort reduction
Consolidated cross-country view on all alerts 
Professional Application Support (English / German)
Mass alert resolution
Resolution on batch level
Connection to German AMS (API)
Reporting functionality
Pre-defined comments
Automatic Alert Resolution (optional module)

- available


- not available

* only relevant for free onboarded useres by NMVO

Here you get a first overview of the main user interfaces of the application. 
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First Impressions

NMVS Alerts - List View
NMVS Alerts - List View

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NMVS Alerts - Detail View
NMVS Alerts - Detail View

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NMVS Alerts - Multi Selection
NMVS Alerts - Multi Selection

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NMVS Alerts - List View
NMVS Alerts - List View

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